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Origin: Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Builder
The wind stroked my mane as I glided above the rooftops of the suburbs, my eyes darting around the streets, searching.  I needed to reveal myself to someone, just to see what their reaction would be.  I needed to know.  Nobody would believe them if they told, would they?  Nah.
I was running out of time.  The sun would be up soon, and I would have to go into hiding again.
I veered over to the nearby foothills, hoping to find a runner taking an early morning jog on the dirt trails.  I found one after only a few minutes.  She was jogging up the side of a hill, her blonde ponytail swaying back and forth with her effort.  
I decided to dive close to the ground and go around the hill to wait for her to see me at the bottom of the hill.  I settled on the trail and sat on my haunches like a dog.  I tried to adopt the least threatening positio
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Origin: Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Traveler
I took a moment to collect myself, my heart pounding from the terrifying experience I just went through.  I crept forward onto the cold, hard surface of the back patio and ducked under the wooden awning.
The interior of my house was dark, the only lights being the dim moonlight cast on the furniture in the living room and the green digital clock on the oven in the kitchen.  It was 12:30 in the morning.  Plenty of time to convince my family that I’m me.
Careful to not rip the handle off the sliding door, I gave it a small tug.  It only creaked, refusing to move.  It was locked.
I went around to the side yard and tried the door to the laundry room, and that was locked as well.  The side door to the garage, however, was left unlocked.
The garage was pitch black, even with my fantastic eyesight, until the garage motor light sensed my motion and turned on.
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Origin: Chapter 2
Chapter 2:  Experiments
//*Dust – Hans Zimmer (Interstellar): YT Link*//
I had the most peculiar dream last night. It sounded crazy, but I was a dragon!  I could remember the events as though it had actually happened, it was an incredibly vivid experience.  Not only that, it lasted for almost an entire day!  Looks like someone got a little obsessed, don’cha think?
I savored the fresh memories as I climbed out of unconsciousness, my eyes still closed.  I wondered if I was ever going to have a dream like that again.  Minus the almost-dying-in-space part, that was a pretty cool dream. 
Back to reality.  I silently moaned to myself as I slightly adjusted my position in the sand.  Wait…SAND!?
My eyes snapped open and I saw a tail right in front of my nose.  I jumped in surpris
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Origin: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: The Beginning
I sat bolt upright in my bed, instantly awake.  For a moment I thought it was just my imagination playing tricks on me again, like those times when you think you heard something but you really didn’t.  I quickly realized that the sound of glass shattering was real as a flicker of movement from the bedroom window to my left caught my attention.
Both curtains were pulled aside, revealing two human-like silhouettes contrasted against the moonlit landscape outside, standing on the sill of the now-broken window.  With inhuman speed, the figure on the right made a dash for my bedroom door, which was on the other side of the room.  They were apparently burglars, but there was no time for me to get angry as the second figure took aim at me with what resembled a gun.
I panicked and, without bothering to get my covers off me, I reflexively rolled off the bed to my right to dodge the impendi
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            He had been hired by an anonymous third party, which wasn’t uncommon in his line of work. But he preferred to meet his employer, or at least a spokesperson for them, in person. Reading people’s emotions face to face was easy, but over email was far harder. But the money was good and after all, this was his specialty.
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Incident Report
Incident Report
Ikran Republic
IKS Interpid
Lieutenant Telroh
The planet’s designation was DDG-5661-G2. We classified it as a ‘demon planet’. Class 9Z/9. Even the captain said that there was barely even a chance that there would be life on it. Despite the breathable atmosphere, barely breathable, as reflected by planetary scans, the weather system was ridiculous. Severe storms on a regular basis, compounded by the fact that the planet had a hugely variable temperature and precipitation range, as well as the fact that the planet itself was tectonically active. The ecosystem is far worse, with so many harsh predators, and deadly diseases that it is inconceivable that life might evolve on that rock.
Preposterous, even, that life might exist, let alone flourish on that crazy ball of rock.
Yet, we were informed that the preceding survey ship had found life, intelligent life on the planet. This was no primitive society either. They were advanced, though the usag
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Storm of dragons
And suddenly,
the city was surrounded,
by a high and fierce wind,
like a big tempest falling on our lives.
And suddenly,
a high and dreadful noise,
of dozens of huge wings,
manouevring the air like a God would do.
And suddenly,
a storm of black, scaled figures,
occupied the whole sky,
and flew upon the city where I live.
The people fleed,
when seeing the storm of dragons,
searching for a refuge,
but I reamined outside, feeling the air
over my hairless skin,
smiling with joy, seeing they'd come to greet us.
As they had come,
the dragons left the town,
while leaving behind them
the wind of freedom they had brought to us.
I stayed there and
I raised one hand to them,
to give them my salute;
and all the dragons roared to me in return.
I cried with joy,
while people all around
went back on the town streets,
and watched me in amazement and some fear;
So I told them:
"It's natural for us
to fear it when it comes,
but freedom repays you amazingly.
And dragons know it well:
they want us to be f
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Distant Legacy 1
Computer Log 2.0
>Activation sequence accepted…Initiating Startup.
>Neural Network…Online.
>Linking to Main Computer.
>Warning! Primary Computer Core Experiencing Cascade Failure.
>Link terminated.
>Alert! Neural-Organic Network Compromised.
>Degradation of the Memory Core detected.
>Attempting to compensate.
>Compensation Failed…
>Logging rate of degradation at 1%
>Full Memory Failure projected to occur in 11 months 23 days 5 hours and 51 minutes.
>Emergency Record Protocol Activated.
>Initializing Sensory and Motor Subroutines…
>Logging Volition subroutine data in Main Computer.
>Data logged under [File]. Captain’s_Log_1.0.
            My surroundings slowly came into focus as my optical sensors activated and my metallic eyelids clicked open. I was on deck 7, section K1. Alone. There
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Knights of the Grey City 23
Chapter 23 - ESCALATE
It took me a while to realize that it wasn’t working.
I had been swimming in the current for a long time, at pretty much top speed, but my surroundings weren’t changing at all. There was movement happening, and I could sense other currents and occasionally the edges of land passing by me, but I could tell that I never left the waterfront.
Eventually, I broke off from the current and rose to the surface to see where I’d ended up: only to find I was exactly where I started. I could see the shore a short distance away.
“Well, that was a failure,” I commented to myself, actually quite relieved. Yes, it would have been tactically advantageous to find a giant demon nest, but it would also be disadvantageous to my health.
The Leviathan seemed calm and content—we had been patrolling, after all, and the water was still. Surprised at the moment of quiet without instincts screaming at me, I started tow
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Sorey (AT)  by merdybear Sorey (AT) :iconmerdybear:merdybear 19 25



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Welcome to my profile! I write literature as a hobby in conjunction some of my other hobbies. My upload schedule will be once every two or three months, so be patient! I am a busy guy.

Can't think of much else to say so how about a list of interesting facts about myself?
  • I am enrolled at my local community college and am majoring in computer science
  • I play for my college golf team
  • My official NCGA handicap is 0.7
  • I actually didn't like to write until I got inspiration for my story
  • I love science and technology, I could talk about them for days
  • I am in the final stages of recovering from Lyme Disease
  • I like trains
  • I also have a Steam account which you can find here

My icon was done by ThatSniper420
I just saw this and I think it might be the most revolutionary discovery for mankind!

What do you think?  Good? Bad?



Chapter 4: Builder

The wind stroked my mane as I glided above the rooftops of the suburbs, my eyes darting around the streets, searching.  I needed to reveal myself to someone, just to see what their reaction would be.  I needed to know.  Nobody would believe them if they told, would they?  Nah.

I was running out of time.  The sun would be up soon, and I would have to go into hiding again.

I veered over to the nearby foothills, hoping to find a runner taking an early morning jog on the dirt trails.  I found one after only a few minutes.  She was jogging up the side of a hill, her blonde ponytail swaying back and forth with her effort.  

I decided to dive close to the ground and go around the hill to wait for her to see me at the bottom of the hill.  I settled on the trail and sat on my haunches like a dog.  I tried to adopt the least threatening position that I could.

A few moments later, she appeared at the top of the hill, her eyes focused on the ground in concentration.  She appeared to be in her thirties and wore running clothes.  When she finally saw me, she froze in fear.  She stared at me with wide eyes for a good 10 seconds, as though she couldn’t comprehend what she was looking at.

I smiled and waved, trying to appear friendly.  “Hi.”

She screamed at the top of her lungs and sprinted back the way she came.

“Wait, wait, wait, don’t go!”  I said as I bounded up the hill and stopped a few feet in front of her.  “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

The woman gasped and backed up a few paces, her hands raised in defense.  This time she managed to not run away in terror.

“Y-You’re not going to h-hurt me?” Her voice quivered with fear in between her quick breaths.

I sat on my haunches again and put my hands on my knees.  “Nope.”

She lowered her defenses a little.  “Y-You’re a dragon.”

“Yup, but what really matters is who I am.  My name’s Connor, what’s yours?” 

She was starting to catch her breath.  “Um, uh, C-Chara.”

“Mice to meet you, Chara.”  I said, putting on a warm smile.  Chara flinched and took another step back.

I cocked my head a bit.  “What, did I do something?”

“Y-your, uh, your teeth are really sharp.” 

I realized my smile wasn’t having the intended effect and stopped.  “Oh, sorry about that.  I didn’t intend to scare you.”

“Well, you did.”  She said bluntly, her arms folded.  I could tell she was calming down.  The fear was turning into curiosity, and she was examining my features.

Suddenly, she seemed to remember something.  She glanced around in all directions, and then her face lit up with relief, her hand on her chest.  “Oh, oh thank goodness.”

“What is it?”  I asked, perplexed again.

She looked at me with bright eyes and a huge grin, brimming with confidence.  “It’s just that I haven’t been lucid in so long!”

I forehead-palmed.  She thinks she’s dreaming.

“Listen, I hate to break it to you, but this is not a dream.  It’s real.  I’m real.”  I gently grabbed her arm to demonstrate.

She yanked her arm away with surprising force.  “Well, you would think that, wouldn’t you?  Any figment of imagination wouldn’t know that it’s not real, now would it?”

I noticed a sudden change in ambiance.  My senses were immediately put on high alert, as if I knew there was danger nearby.  I struggled to remain calm.

“I know it’s a lot to take in, but just trust me on this alright?”  For some reason, I felt like that statement had no effect.

Chara had her head held high.

“No.  Turn around.  I’m going to ride you.”  She commanded me like I was her pet.

She advanced towards me, causing me to take several steps back.  Now it was my turn to be scared.

“No.”  I growled, showing my teeth to hopefully put her off.

She stopped in her tracks. 

“No…?  Hmm…”  She put her hands on her hips as a sinister smirk inched across her face.  “How curious.  You must have misunderstood.”

My mouth hung open in horror as her eyes glazed over with pure blackness and her skin turned pearl white.  The blackness dripped out of her eyes like wet ink dripping down paper.  The next sentence she uttered came out as a loud whisper.

“SINCE WHEN WERE YOU THE ONE IN CONTROL?”  Dark blood spilled from her mouth as she bared her fangs.

I wanted to jump and fly away, but my wings wouldn’t open.  I tried to turn and run, but it was as if I was trying to run through molasses.  I was moving in slow motion.  I panicked and tried hard to run faster, which slowed things down even more.  Behind me, Chara gave an inhuman shriek of rage and charged.  Before I knew it, her icicles of arms wrapped around my neck in an iron grip, and she emitted a sadistic laugh directly in my ear.


“Aaahh!”  My eyes snapped open.  My head had already lifted off the ground in alarm.  I squinted, momentarily blinded by an intense brightness.  After my eyes adjusted, I was greeted by the pristine snowy landscape in which I had settled last night, or rather early this morning. 

A few wispy clouds decorated the sky.  Sunbeams beat down through the naked pine trees and lit up the snow.  Wind whistled in the distance.

It all came back to me.  My head sank to the moist ground in relief.  It was only a dream. 

The relief was fleeting, as my mind picked up where it left off before it went to sleep.  The pit of emptiness slowly started to form again.  I shook my head, refusing to feel sorry for myself.

I instinctively looked at my wrist to check the time, but there was no watch, only white scales.  My phone said it was around 9:30 AM, which was officially the latest I’d ever slept.  I yawned widely, clouding up the air in front of my muzzle.

I checked my luggage.  My wing had kept it dry for the most part.  I thought about getting a power bar out of my backpack, but I realized I wasn’t hungry.  I took a few bites of snow instead to quench my thirst.  I may have been incredibly resistant to cold conditions, but apparently I was still susceptible to brain freezes.

I took the blanket and towel off my back and wrung the moisture out of them.  I took off my clothes so I would blend in better with the snow, and partly because it was uncomfortable to wear wet clothes.  I hanged them up to dry on a nearby branch.

For the next hour or so I explored the area out of boredom.  A few hundred feet west of my lake, which I had named Nameless Lake for lack of creativity, was an even smaller lake that fed into a small stream that cascaded away from the mountain range.   In a few other places, there were traces of hiking trails that obviously weren’t in use for the winter.  I found nothing else of interest in the miniature valley created by the smaller ridges that came off the mountain range, and I assumed the other side of the mountain would be similar.

I didn’t feel comfortable flying during the day for obvious reasons, so I decided to walk on all fours just to get some practice in while I explored.  I wouldn’t have said it came naturally, but it felt comfortable.  In fact, I could run much faster on all fours than on two legs.

I trudged back to my spot on the lake, bored again.  I couldn’t think of anything else to do, so I opened up my backpack and got out my Calculus textbook and binder.  It was nice to get my mind focused on something mundane for a change.

A few hours later, I found myself reading one of my favorite books that I had brought with me, Eragon.  I now saw Saphira in a completely different light.

Finally, it occurred to me that I might need shelter from any snowstorms that came in the future, mostly to help keep my things dry and it would be comforting to still have a roof over my head.  It would give me something fun to do anyways; It would be like real life Minecraft. 

I had all the wood I ever needed from the pines in the area.  It was only a matter of getting it and shaping it that would be tricky.  I tried to simply uproot the tree from the ground, but either my hands would scrape up the trunk without doing much else, or my feet would sink into the snow and mud below it.  Turns out that the best way to take down trees was to use my sharp claws to cut a deep trench in the bottom of the trunk like a chainsaw. 

Half an hour later, I had four trees lying on the lakeside, ready to be stripped of their branches.  They snapped off without too much effort and organized them into different groups depending on size and length.  The twigs were going to be used for the roof, the medium size branches would be used as supports for the walls, and the thickest logs would make up the walls.  I then shaved the surfaces of the logs down by hand so that they were reasonably straight.  For the supports, I whittled the ends to a point and stuck them deep into the ground where my “house” was going to be.  They stood 10 feet tall and were positioned in pairs so that I could drop the wall pieces down the slot into place from the top.  I had outlined a reasonable size for the single room I was planning to build, a 10 ft x 10 ft square with a 4 ft opening for the entrance.  Nothing special.

I began to drop the logs into place one by one.  Some logs didn’t fit quite right so I had to adjust their structures accordingly.

I was almost done with my project, when I began to feel anxious.  I tried to mentally shake it off as just an aftereffect of my dream earlier this morning, but it persisted.  I paused and looked around.  Nothing was moving, as if everything was encased in a giant block of ice, and there was the faint whisper of wind that had accompanied me since I had arrived.  I wasn’t reassured.  My ears perked up in apprehension.

I closed my eyes and focused.  The distant wind was more noticeable now that I had directed my attention solely to hearing.  Miles away a hawk screamed.  Everything was a sound of nature … but there was something else as well, something that seemed artificial.  A faint crunching sound, repeating over and over.  Footsteps.  Whatever it was had to be bipedal as well, as quadrupeds would make twice as many footsteps.  The longer I listened, the louder it got.  It was coming in my direction.

I had to act fast.  I still hadn’t made up my mind on revealing myself just yet, and I didn’t intend to be accidentally discovered by a random wanderer in the mountains.  I flung snow on the partially completed log shelter to make it look like it had been there awhile.  I smoothed the surrounding snow as best I could with my tail and gathered my things.  I couldn’t go anywhere else because I’d be making more footprints for the wanderer to discover.

The footsteps were continuously getting louder.  It must have been no more than a mile away by now.  I dove onto the ground on the outside of a half-completed four foot walls and cradled my things to me as close as I could get them.  I scooped up the surrounding snow with any limb that was available and piled it on top of me.  Once I was thoroughly covered I shuffled my body a bit to even out the snow covering me, hoping that I’d look like an inconspicuous lump of snow against the log wall, and then went completely still. 

The next few minutes were filled with suspense, with my heart rate increasing with every footstep I heard.  The wanderer was so close I could smell it even through my blanket of snow.  The scent was unfamiliar, it wasn’t remotely close to anything I’d smelled before.

The footsteps stopped about 50 feet away, near the pile of logs that were going to be the walls of my shelter.  I was still on the other side of the wall, but I had a bad feeling.

“I know you’re there.”

I tensed up as a shock seemed to reverberate throughout my body.  I could feel my heartbeat in my head.  I was shocked not only because I was found so easily, but because I also recognized the voice.  It was the voice that spoke to me before I escaped the spaceship.

“We need to talk, Connor.”

Origin: Chapter 4

I suck at hide-and-seek.  I wonder why.

Anyways, this story won’t be your typical dragon transformation story, so yeah.  You’ll see why next chapter.  I hope you’ll still enjoy the story all the same.

I did forget to add music to this one, but does anyone care?  I want to know if you guys think it adds to the experience or not.

Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated.


    ·         Undertale reference (Chara jumpscare):…






Chapter 3: Traveler

I took a moment to collect myself, my heart pounding from the terrifying experience I just went through.  I crept forward onto the cold, hard surface of the back patio and ducked under the wooden awning.

The interior of my house was dark, the only lights being the dim moonlight cast on the furniture in the living room and the green digital clock on the oven in the kitchen.
  It was 12:30 in the morning.  Plenty of time to convince my family that I’m me.

Careful to not rip the handle off the sliding door, I gave it a small tug.  It only creaked, refusing to move.  It was locked.

I went around to the side yard and tried the door to the laundry room, and that was locked as well.  The side door to the garage, however, was left unlocked.

The garage was pitch black, even with my fantastic eyesight, until the garage motor light sensed my motion and turned on.  I inched between the cars and the shelves, keeping awareness of my extra limbs as to not hit anything, and found that the door from the garage to the rest of the house was locked too.

I sighed, annoyed.  It seemed there was no way of entry that wouldn’t require brute force.

I backed up a couple of feet and threw myself at the wooden door.  It exploded into a thousand splinters while I almost tripped over the bottom part of the door that had remained intact.  I patted the debris off my body and wrinkled my nose as I fought the urge to cough and sneeze from the dust. 

Immediately, I knew something was wrong.  If my dog were here, he would’ve immediately started to bark and howl at me, just like he does to people when they ring the doorbell.  The house was silent, almost to the point where that quiet, constant ringing in my ears was too loud. 


I bounded up the stairs and checked the couch in the loft where my dog usually slept.  No dog.


I twisted around and peered into my little brother’s bedroom.  The sheets were thrown haphazardly on the bed, as if it were the middle of the day.


I burst into my parent’s bedroom, only to find their bed vacant as well.

I stood in the doorway, paralyzed by the gravity of the situation.
  Things had changed so suddenly for me, I found myself questioning reality once more.  This is the type of stuff that happens in fiction, not in real life!  And why did it have to happen to me?  There are over 7 billion other people on this planet, pick one of them!  My life was hard enough as it was!  I didn’t need it to be abruptly screwed up, being turned into this dragon-thing, for who-knows-what purpose!  And now I’ve lost my entire family!

I found myself firmly gripping the wooden railing, next to my parent’s bedroom, that overlooked the first floor.  My teeth were gritted in frustration and my vision had become blurry from my watering eyes.  I closed my eyes and took a slow, deep breath in an attempt to calm myself, but that only made it worse.  I rarely got angry, but when I did, it felt like rocket fuel; once ignited, it wouldn’t stop until it was all gone.  The railing creaked in agony as my death grip intensified.  I growled as more tears tricked down the sides of my muzzle.  I decided I couldn’t resist the anger anymore.

And I snapped.

I roared with rage as the railing snapped like a toothpick under my hands, splinters flying everywhere.  I plucked a supporting spoke from its place and hurled it at the tiles below at full force, which shattered with a thunderous sonic boom and scattered more splinters around the room.

Before I could do more damage, however, something stopped me.  It was that little voice in the back of my head, the one that pops in now and then to give me advice. 

I don’t know if my family is dead, just that they’re missing.

I then understood why I was in such a rage: I was mourning them. 

I felt a little better now that I understood the situation better.  My anger was far from gone, but my head had cleared up enough to think straight.  Now I was in problem-solving mode, the reliable state of mind that has gotten me through so many tough situations before. 

My family is missing.  Do I know where to look?


Should I go on a quest to find them?

The world is so big, they could be anywhere by now.  It would be too risky for me anyways.

Maybe I could go into hiding for a while to give myself time to figure things out?

I don’t have much of a choice anyways.  There’s nothing left for me here.  I could always come back if I chose to reveal myself.

Wouldn’t that make it easier for your captors to find you?

They’d probably find me eventually, whether alone or in the custody of the U.S. government.  I don’t want to start World War 3.

I didn’t like the prospect of running away.  It made me feel like a coward, running away from my problems, but I’d only be creating more problems by staying.

I went into my bedroom to boot up my computer so I could look for a place for which to escape, when I noticed that the window that my captors had broken was now fixed, like nothing had happened.  No shards of glass were in sight.  Whoever they were, they were good at covering up their tracks.

I used my knuckles to type in my password to avoid damaging my expensive keyboard.  The date on the computer said it was November 3rd which, from what I could recall, wasn’t far from when I was abducted.

I launched Google Earth and panned around my area for several minutes, looking for an area of at least a few square miles of no civilization.  I looked farther north, having found my area far too crowded.  There was Canada, of course, but I didn’t want to stray that far from home.  I wanted to stay within California, so I could retain at least some sense of security and belonging.

After another half-hour of searching, I came upon a small lake nestled in a snowcapped mountain range.  It didn’t appear to have a name, and it was far enough from any civilization that I could probably fly around at night in that area without having to worry about being seen.  The snow wouldn’t bother me at all, since I had coped with the icy ocean water for hours without getting hypothermia.  In fact, I would blend in with the snow, which would only help my cause.

Content with my destination, I memorized the direction I would take from by house to the lake, confident that my north/south sense would be good enough for navigation.  I then uninstalled Google Earth so that I couldn’t be tracked.

I played a Deadmau5 playlist from my computer and started packing all the things I might need on my trip.  I gathered all the black shorts, pants, and shirts I could find and modified them using scissors.  I cut a big hole in the back of all the shorts and pants for my tail, and two long cuts from the shoulder blades to the bottom of the back of the shirts for my wings.  It wasn’t a perfect fit—my belt wouldn’t go tight enough around my waist--but I felt more comfortable wearing clothes than being naked, and the dark clothes would make me less visible during the night.  I folded the clothes neatly and put them into my suitcase.

I got my phone and put it into my pocket and the battery bank that was charging it in my backpack.  I also wanted something to do to keep me busy while I was away, so I included a few reading books, my calculus, physics, and computer science textbooks, and my 7x7 rubiks cube.  I got a second suitcase from the attic and stuffed that with a pillow, a blanket, and a towel, as well as my Titleist golf hat and sunglasses.

I went into my bathroom to get my toothbrush and toothpaste, and I froze when I saw my reflection, or rather the bottom half of my reflection because I was too tall for the mirror.  I squatted down and so did the dragon in the mirror, staring back at me with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.  So many details hit me at once, the row of razor sharp silver teeth, the start of my mane on the top of my head with a pointed widow’s peak, my thin animal-ears that were perked up in alarm.  The most stunning feature was my eyes.  To my surprise, they weren’t reptilian as I had expected.  Other than being a bit red from crying earlier, they looked exactly the same as my human eyes:  a blue-green iris and a round pupil.  I felt like that wasn’t a coincidence somehow.

After the initial shock, I noticed other things about my appearance.  My face was quite expressive, thanks to my ears.  I chuckled to myself as I took a few pictures of myself, making silly faces in the mirror.  Although I looked ridiculous wearing clothes, I couldn’t help but feel that I was handsome in a way, there was something about my bone structure in my face.  Handsome, not cute.  There’s a difference.

I crammed myself into the shower to wash the seawater smell off and to fix my messy mane.  I must have used half the bottle of conditioner by the time I was done.  I dried off, brushed my teeth (which took twice as long as normal), combed my mane (which also took way longer than I liked), put on some deodorant, and packed my bathroom supplies into my backpack.  

I brought my things downstairs and packed whatever empty spaces were left with food, mostly loafs of bread and nutrition bars, while simultaneously stuffing my face full of tortilla chips.  I didn’t bother bringing water because I could just eat the snow at my destination.

I contemplated leaving a note for whoever eventually investigated this place, but I’d rather not let them know that there’s a beast on the loose.  I’d be revealing myself, and that wouldn’t be good PR.

My breath fogged up in the chilly midnight air as I went back outside for my departure.  There was still a shred of anger in my chest.  I looked back at my house for what would probably be the last time in a long time, and cursed whoever did this to me.  I promised myself I would get to the bottom of this, no matter how dangerous it would be for me, and do whatever I could to set things straight.

I put my backpack on over my chest, because my wings couldn’t fit through the straps, and held the two suitcases firmly under each arm.  I looked skyward, momentarily admiring the infrared-tinted stars scattered across the cosmos, and shot upward with tremendous speed.

My wings pumped with quick succession as I angled northward towards my destination.  After fifteen minutes of steep climbing, I leveled out, my wings beating several times per second to keep me airborne with the extra luggage.  Once my body was settled into a comfortable rhythm, my eyes drifted towards the web of streetlights passing under me miles below, and my mind was once again set loose to wander on its own.  

Being the geeky science nerd that I was, I began contemplating how my body was created, like how it physically happened.  It was tempting to call it magic, but that would explain nothing, especially since I didn’t even know if magic existed.  I was unconscious during the transformation, so it would be intellectually dishonest to call it magic anyway.  A more likely scenario could be something similar to a replicator from Star Trek, the technology that was able to deconstruct and reconstruct objects at a molecular level using magnetic fields, quantum mechanics, and all that science jazz.  I didn’t know if that was the case as well, though it was fun to speculate.

The clouds slowly scrolled below me while I pondered the chain reactions of events that had led to this moment.  This was a kind of thought experiment that my mind had developed over the years that I used to kill time.  I am constantly fascinated by the possibilities of the unknown.  What would the world be like if this or that happened?  Where would I be if this happened differently?  What would’ve occurred if that had happened to me?  In many alternate universes, I wouldn’t be alive.  In another, I’m living a normal life.  In another, I’m a criminal.  In another, I would eventually become the President of the United States.  There probably was an alternate universe where I’m writing a story about what has happened to me within the past two days in this universe, instead of experiencing it himself.  If that’s true, screw that guy.  Why would he put me through such a horrible series of events, because he thought it would make a good story?

I stopped the train of thought before my mind spewed any more nonsense, forcing my attention to the rugged ground below.  There were signs of snow among the veins of mountain ranges.  I was getting close.  I squinted, trying to find the small lake I had chosen as my getaway.  It wasn’t too hard to find.  My wide field of view from my vantage point and the insane detail my eyes provided made it easy for me to recognize its shape.

Seeing no need to divebomb this time, I glided into a shallow spiral directly above the lake.  I eased out of the spiral once I was below the tops of the pine trees and gave a few powerful flaps before landing on a small peninsula in the lake.  The dirt-and-snow mixture crunched loudly under my feet as I clumsily tried to keep my balance on the slippery surface.  As I predicted, the intense coldness of the snow under my feet and the chilling air on my scales didn’t bother me at all.

It was quite a place.  The frozen lake, which couldn’t have been more than 1000 feet across, was dwarfed by the white mountain that loomed over it.  The pine trees had shed their needles long ago, leaving them caked with snow.  The dim crescent moon in the cloudless sky cast long shadows on the perfectly smooth powder that covered the ground.  There was not a breath of wind to be felt; the entire place seemed to be frozen in time, no pun intended.

I trudged over to the nearest pine tree and cleared the snow with my tail.  I took my backpack off and checked the time with my phone. 2:30 AM.  Time for bed.  I got my blanket and towel out and covered myself as much as I could with them.  I curled my body around my luggage and covered it with my wing to keep it dry. 

In the few minutes before I drifted off to sleep, I noticed a strange feeling in my chest.  It wasn’t the anger that had taken me earlier; that resided in my head.  It was emptiness.  For the first time, possibly ever, I was lonely.  Even though I was an introvert, the lack of any interaction with anyone for the past two days was starting to take a toll.  I had only spoken a few words, and only to myself. 

I was not looking forward to tomorrow.

Origin: Chapter 3

Here’s chapter 3!  I apologize for the lack of dialogue so far.  I know it makes stories more attractive, but it’s kinda hard to have a dialogue with only one character.  ;)

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Chapter 2:  Experiments

//*Dust – Hans Zimmer (Interstellar): YT Link*//

I had the most peculiar dream last night. It sounded crazy, but I was a dragon!  I could remember the events as though it had actually happened, it was an incredibly vivid experience.  Not only that, it lasted for almost an entire day!  Looks like someone got a little obsessed, don’cha think?

I savored the fresh memories as I climbed out of unconsciousness, my eyes still closed.  I wondered if I was ever going to have a dream like that again.  Minus the almost-dying-in-space part, that was a pretty cool dream. 

Back to reality.  I silently moaned to myself as I slightly adjusted my position in the sand.  Wait…SAND!?

My eyes snapped open and I saw a tail right in front of my nose.  I jumped in surprise, sending myself 20 feet straight up into the air before landing back on the sand on all fours.  I glanced around me, still processing what just happened.  It seemed that I had curled up while I was asleep and then my own tail gave me a jump scare when I woke up, and I guess my super strength would explain how I jumped so high without even trying.  I smirked, imagining how that must’ve looked like from the 3rd person perspective, probably like one of those cats who is startled when the toaster next to it goes off.  Boy, that YouTube video would’ve gone viral fast.

Standing up and shaking sand out of my mane, I pulled myself back to my current situation and thought about what this all meant.  What I thought was a dream wasn’t a dream.  So, I’m a dragon.  Cool!  However, the consequences of that were going to be huge.  Questions bombarded my brain the longer I thought about it.  Why was I abducted and transformed into a dragon?  The reasoning there couldn’t have been well-meaning.  And where is the rest of my family?  I dreaded the idea that they were abducted as well.  Who knows what they went through!  As if I wasn’t worried enough, an even more unsettling thought came across my mind:

How am I supposed to live the rest of my life?  I was starting to prefer that this was a dream.

However, reality does not bend to preference, so for now I had to believe this is real, which meant I had to figure out what to do next.  Judging by the position of the sun it was about 10:00 in the morning.  I had slept well.  My first thought was to continue my journey eastward, but I realized that I would be putting myself at risk of being seen during the day, because I would likely be flying over cities.  I would have to travel during the night and even then, it would be hard to conceal myself in the dark sky with my white scales and all.  That gave me several hours to do whatever I wanted on this tiny little uninhabited island.

It occurred to me that I didn’t know if I could physically talk.  All this time I had subconsciously assumed that I couldn’t talk because of the muzzle.  Now, my curiosity was piqued.

“Can I talk?”  I asked myself, the words slurring together.  The answer was self-evident.  I wasn’t surprised that my voice was 2 octaves lower than my previous voice and a little rougher.  It did feel strange to have my new lips and tongue move in those particular ways for speech, but who was I to complain?

“Looks like I’ll think out loud for practice then,” I decided.

There were so many things about my new body I wanted to experiment on, but just then I realized I was hungry.  Not surprising, considering that I went the whole day yesterday without eating.  I could just eat the leaves from the ferns on the island, but that probably wouldn’t be very filling.  Also, I wanted to see how difficult hunting in the ocean would be.  I’d never hunted before but who knows?  It could be fun! 

I looked out over the endless ocean and sighed to myself, which sounded weird.  “Here goes nothing.”

I waded into the waves, at which point I took my deepest breath, dove into the water, and propelled myself along the ocean floor at a healthy clip.  I watched the surface of the water recede away above me as I descended with the ocean floor, until I could only see the faint sunbeams that had managed to pierce the surface.  My eyes were adjusting to the darkness well.  They even managed to keep the visual clarity that was normally seen above water, as opposed to the fuzziness that any human would get without goggles underwater.

It was a bit unnerving, to be honest, being so far underwater.  My imagination was free to scare me with the possibilities of what could go wrong.  What if I can’t find any food?  What if I get attacked by a shark?  What if I can’t get to the surface in time when I start to run out of air?  That last thought was enough to scare me to return to the surface immediately.  I pushed off the ocean floor with haste, and in a matter of seconds I was at the surface.  Only then did I realize how much air I had left in my lungs; I would’ve been fine for at least five more minutes.  My worries from a minute ago were dashed as I remembered what I was, and I had no reason to be afraid any more.  Being afraid is okay, however, if it doesn’t keep you from achieving your goals.

With another deep breath, I went back under, this time a little more determined.  After a few more minutes of swimming I came upon a coral reef that sat upon the edge of an enormous drop-off that went miles deeper than I was willing to go.  It was teeming with thousands of different species of fish, all going about their business.  There looked to be no sharks in sight.  It was quite entertaining to watch the numerous schools of fish move in unison, as if they were all miniature fish armies preparing for battle.  They might as well have been, as they were about to be terrorized by a certain beast called Connor.  My name’s Connor by the way.  Nice to meet you!

I hesitated.  I was about to end some innocent lives, and that didn’t sit well with me.  I wouldn’t hurt a fly!  It took a couple minutes for me to convince myself that I had to do it for survival, which is nothing I should be ashamed of.  I figured that the guilt would probably never fully go away, so I’d have to live with it, because as far as I’m concerned, You Only Live Once.

After another refill of air from the surface, I sprang into action.  As one would expect, the fish avoided me like the plague, darting back into their little nooks and crannies where I couldn’t fit.  On top of that, they were still more agile than I was due to their size.  They could make acutely tight turns while I couldn’t.  It was extremely frustrating, but fortunately my body handled the strain like a walk in the park.

After maybe an hour and a half of my ever-losing game of Tag with the fish, I found a certain swordfish whose IQ wasn’t quite as high as the other fish.  Oh, you think I am your breakfast?  WRONG!  Natural selection at its finest.

Using my special North/South sense, I pulled the dead swordfish back to my island by its…nose?  Sword?  Eh, whatever.  I flopped it down on the sand and shook some of the excess water off me.  I could deal with the cold ocean water but the wind chill made it too uncomfortable for me.

I looked at my meal and wished that I could cook it so that it would at least taste decent.  Then, I almost facepalmed.  You could just cook it with your fire, you idiot! 

I hadn’t tried it yet but I was certain I could breathe fire.  I tried to feel anything in my throat that would allow me to breathe fire, but there seemed to be no such “extra flap”.

“Maybe I’ll feel it when I actually try to breathe fire,” I hoped.

Aiming in no particular direction, I opened my mouth and imagined how breathing fire would feel.  I exhaled forcefully and willed fire to come forth, but all that came out was “hhhhhhhhhhh”.

Still determined, I tried again, this time aiming at the swordfish.  I thought I felt something warm at the back of my throat, but it was only my imagination.

I tried a third time, channeling all my willpower.

Brisingr!  Nope, still nothing.  Not even a spark.

I huffed in frustration, disappointed that I wasn’t able to breathe fire, as it was one of the main perks I was looking forward to as a dragon. 

“Looks like I have to eat it raw,” I looked at the swordfish unenthusiastically and shook my head.  “Oh boy.”

I knelt down and picked up my meal.  The thought of eating raw meat killed my appetite and the nasty wound in its midsection made it even harder to convince myself to eat.  I still had to eat, however, as I didn’t know how long I could last without food.

I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.  I dug into the underside, trying to get as much as I could in one bite.  I was met with a surprisingly neutral taste, mostly because the fish was still cold from the ocean.  The texture, however, was almost unbearable.  The meat was so slimy that I had to fight back the urge to throw up.  I tried to chew it, but since I sort of don’t have any cheeks it fell out of my mouth and onto the sand.

Thoroughly disgusted with myself, I hurriedly picked up the excess meat from the sand and shoved it back in my mouth.  Bracing myself, I forced myself to swallow.  The feeling of the slimy meat making its way down my elongated throat was enough to give me shivers.  It was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever experienced. 

I looked back at the swordfish, seeing that some of its inner guts had spilled out onto the sand.  I’d had enough.  I grabbed the swordfish by the nose and flung it out into the ocean in a hurry to get it out of my sights.  I watched in amazement as I had grossly underestimated my strength and had flung it several hundred feet into the water.  Curiosity restored itself over my disgust as I was reminded that there were things about my body that I had yet to discover.

I found a few rocks on the beach and put them in a pile next to me.  For my first experiment, I was going to see how far I could throw.  I picked up a baseball-sized rock and tossed it a few times in the air, feeling it’s near weightlessness.  I aimed at a spot on the horizon and, doing my best to emulate a baseball pitch, drew my arm back and whipped it forward.  I missed way left of my target but it flew for a good 5 seconds before making a tiny splash in the ocean 500 feet away.  Satisfied, I picked up a similar sized rock and threw it harder, this time at a 45-degree angle for maximum distance.  I couldn’t believe how far it went; it must’ve been a couple thousand feet.

Excited, I picked up a third rock.  This time, I was going to throw as hard as I possibly could.  I wound up for the pitch again, my arm going back until it touched my right wing.  Holding nothing back, I whipped my arm forward as fast as it would go.  This time, something different happened.  As the rock left my hand, there was an ear-splitting whip-like SNAP that came from my hand, along with a quick vibration. 

//*What Are You Going to do When You Are Not Saving The World? – Hans Zimmer:  YT Link*//

Without even bothering to see how far the rock went, I frantically examined my right hand, worried that I had broken something.  There was no pain and I could move it perfectly fine like before.  Nothing in my hand looked out of place either.

“So where did that noise come from then?”  I asked myself, perplexed.

After a few seconds of not finding the answer, I tried throwing another rock as hard as I could to see if I could replicate the results.  Again, there was that snapping noise.  I thought hard again, and this time it hit me:  when I released the rock, my hand must have been moving faster than the speed of sound, making a sonic boom!

With this realization and an evil grin on my muzzle, I threw another rock as I had done the previous two times, watching how far it went this time.  It went so far away that I trouble seeing it even with my eagle-like eyes.  It must’ve flown at least a mile!

I was having so much fun it was another 45 minutes of skipping supersonic rocks on the ocean before I figured I should try out my other abilities.  I was curious to see how fast I could run and fly.  I made two ruts in the sand 100 feet apart.  My plan was to count the seconds it took for me to get from one rut to the other.  It took a few tries for me to even reach the end as I kept faceplanting into the sand because of my unfamiliarity of my new body.  Once I got the hang of running, I counted just over 1 second from one end to the other.  After some quick calculations, I concluded I ran roughly 60 miles per hour (or 97 km/h for you non-Americans out there) and that was on sand which was undoubtedly slowing me down.

I did the same test for flying.  I found that the minimum gliding speed was about 40 miles per hour, and the fastest I could fly propelling myself with my wings was 100 miles per hour.  I didn’t know if this knowledge would be useful, but it was nice to know anyway. 

Next was to find out how high I could jump.  After making sure there weren’t any planes in sight, I started small.  With minimal effort, I jumped 10 feet into the air.  I bumped up the effort on the next jump and went at least 100 feet in the air.  I landed with a dull thump in the sand and looked down at my legs, amazed at how easily they took the strain.  They weren’t even the slightest bit tired. 

The next jump was 50% effort, and that sent me so high I got vertigo.  I used my wings to safely glide back down for fear of breaking something when I landed.  I was being a bit of a chicken considering I had survived a fall from space the day before.

Finally, I decided it was time for me to see my true jumping capabilities.  I squatted down as I had done before, but this time I prepared for the full force.  I took a deep breath and focused.



Just like in the spaceship earlier, I felt an enormous surge of energy in my thighs as I pushed off as hard as I could.  I shot skyward with an incredible speed, streamlined myself, and surpassed the few of the lower clouds within seconds.  The wind was deafening in my ears as it worked hard with gravity to slow my ascent.  I noticed that there was a white haze occupying my peripheral vision that wasn’t there before.  It dissipated as I continued to slow down, and that’s when I got the clue:  it was a vapor cone.  I was going faster than the speed of sound!

The sky spun around me as I gave my wings a slight tilt opposing directions.  The experience was so exhilarating, I felt like a superhero.  I was invincible.

“WOOOOHOOOO!”  I could barely hear myself over the howling wind but I didn’t care. 

I wished the moment would last forever, but of course it didn’t.  As I hit the apex of my jump, I flapped vigorously to stay level, fighting the strong air current that was trying to toss me every which way.  I nearly panicked when I saw how high I was, and my wings almost locked up but I managed to keep them pumping.  The ground was miles below me.  I shut my eyes and concentrated on my breathing.  I told myself that I was alright; I had wings and nothing bad was going to happen to me.  As my anxiety went away, I opened my eyes.

The view from up there was like nothing I’d ever seen before.  The vastness of the ocean had become far more apparent, water stretching out in every direction with no land in sight.  The island was only an insignificant dot against the great blue expanse.  On the northern horizon was a magnificent cumulonimbus cloud formation that towered miles into the sky, clearly ready to start a storm.  If I had a camera, I would’ve saved this as my wallpaper.

After another minute of admiring the view, there was a glint of light on the horizon.  I squinted, mentally zooming in on the object.  It was a commercial plane, many miles away, coming in my direction.  Unfortunately for me there were no nearby clouds to hide me from sight, which meant I had to get back to the island as fast as I could before I was spotted. 

And there was only one quick way I could think of.  Divebombing.  Great.

Count this as another experiment I guess.  I had survived a space fall into water, so how hard would it be to survive landing on sand from a few miles above the ground?  I felt insane for asking myself that question, but I was also convinced at that point that I had superpowers, so surviving would probably be a trivial matter.

Without wasting anymore time, I pulled my wings tight against my back and let myself fall into a steep dive.  As I directed myself to land on the island, I started to panic again.  My human instincts were telling me that my life was in danger, despite the fact that I could pull out of the dive at any moment.  Even with the wind howling, I could hear my heartbeat running out of control, and I could feel the effects.  My teeth were gritted, I was stiff as a board, and my vision tunneled as worry continued to take over my mind. 

I willed myself to stay in the dive, and attempted to calm myself back down.  You will survive.  You will survive.  You will survive.  You will survive.  No you won’t.  No you won’t!  NOYOUWON’T!  OH SH**!!!

I couldn’t take it anymore.  My wings snapped open and I pulled out of the dive just in time.  The salty spray from the waves greeted me as I zoomed just above the surface.  I banked to the right, my right wing skim the water.  The immense fear was quickly replaced by confidence and control once again.  My natural grace returned as I relaxed, relieved that that experience was over.  I let a clawed hand graze the surface, creating a massive wake behind me, and gazed at my distorted reflection in the water.

I shook my head.  I’ll have to get used to that.  I may have to do it again in the future.

I circled the island a few times as my speed continued to decrease.  Finally, I pulled up, stalling midair, and dropped the last 20 feet to the sand. 

Remembering why I came back down, I hid behind a palm tree until the plane was out of sight. 

//*Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls:  YT Link*//

Without anything else to do until dusk, I decided to refine my flying skills, teaching myself how to do tricks and aerial acrobatics.  I was never a fan of rollercoasters (I had never gone on a single inversion in my entire life), but being able to control the ups and downs was the most fun I had ever had. 

I spent the next few hours enjoying the moment, as I was sure few people got to experience what I did. 

When there was about an hour of sunlight left, I decided the I should continue my journey home.  With enthusiasm, I pointed myself east, got a running start, and performed another Supersonic Jump to get me on my way.

I hastily climbed high into the air, perhaps high enough as to avoid any aircraft encounters.  Hello, stratosphere.  Up here, the powerful jet stream gave me a nice boost, as if nature knew I was in a hurry. 

The peach-colored backdrop behind me eventually gave way to the stars as night took over.  As I often did when I was outside on a cloudless night, I stared up into space, mesmerized by the immense size of the universe.  At moments like these, it felt as if all the problems of my life were insignificant.  I never felt small when I stargazed.  Rather, I felt privileged to be a part of a universe as amazing and beautiful as this.  Like all the other moments, I wondered why people waged war down here on this miniscule mote of dust that we were forced to share.  If only they had their heads on straight and recognized their place in the universe, things would be much different.

The Milky Way faded into existence the longer I looked, presenting a mysterious red glow I had never seen before.  Now that I thought about it, all the stars had their own red glow, which varied in strength depending on their distance.  Why was that?  Was I colorblind?  No, I couldn’t be.  I could see fine during the day.  It was more likely that I had infrared vision, or heat vision, whenever visible light wasn’t overwhelming.

After an hour of flight, I spotted new stars on the horizon, city lights.  I was relieved at first because I knew I wasn’t far from home anymore, but then I grew anxious when I realized I didn’t know what I’d do when I got home.  In fact, would it even be smarter just to find a place far from civilization?  I still had to consider that the rest of my family might still be there, worrying about me, and it would be wise to get some supplies from my house anyway if I did end up running (or flying) away.

I pondered the idea as I observed the intricate web of city streets miles below.  The city features seemed so small from my perspective, it was as if the city was just a miniature model of the real thing, and I could almost reach out and touch it.  This particular city surrounded a large kidney-shaped bay and had a network of bridges connecting different parts of the city.  At the bottleneck of the bay was a familiar looking shape:  the Golden Gate Bridge. 

A light bulb went off above my head.  This is San Francisco!  That meant I was on the right track for home across the valley. 

Acknowledging that I had subconsciously made my decision to find home, I scanned the land for any highways that I would recognize.  From this high up it was hard to tell if I had previously driven on those highways, so I settled for following a random road eastward.

Given all the time in the world to think, I imagined all the possible scenarios I could encounter when I arrived home.  How would my family react?  I was sure that I could convince them that it was me through personal information.  But what if they still wouldn’t believe me?  Or thought it was a dream?  Or went insane?  I had a sinking feeling in my chest as I was bombarded with uncertainty and doubt.  It worsened as it dawned upon me that they might not even be there to greet me, because they were probably abducted along with me.

“Only one way to find out,” I mumbled.

By this time, it was late at night.  It was dark enough that I was able to see the infrared light with amazing detail.  The intense red glow from a house would indicate a fire in its chimney.  The subtle color differences in the air currents around me told me where updrafts and downdrafts were.  From my lofty vantage point, pedestrians were little points of red light, like the sidewalks were crawling with fire sparks. 

My mind wandered, engrossed in the newfound ability yet again.  It didn’t last long, however, when I finally recognized the pattern of highways that I had driven several times when I would commute across the valley.  In a way, I was pretty lucky to be this close to my home by now.  I could have just as easily landed on the other side of the globe, and then have to travel unfamiliar lands without the use of a GPS.  Gosh, I missed my phone.  You never know what you have until you lose it, right?

As I neared my hometown, the tiny shred of anxiety in the back of my mind began to grow again.  It was tough to keep my doubts and concerns from pervading my mind.  I kept telling myself I’d get the answers eventually, but the feeling persisted.

You just can’t stop worrying, can you? I scolded myself.

Unfortunately for me, my house was located in a dense part of town, in the middle of a bunch of neighborhoods.  Landing without being seen would be tricky, given my all-white body.  I would have to dive bomb again.  For the first time, I wished my scales were black.  That would look much cooler anyway.

I hovered directly above my house, still miles in the air, waiting until it appeared that no cars would be around during my descent.  I let myself fall into a steep dive, this time being more cautious about my speed.  As the ground rushed up at me, fear gripped me, but I refused to panic this time.  Halfway down, I got into proper skydiving form and spread out all my limbs except for my wings—they would make me more visible—to maximize drag and slow my fall.

Every second that passed took years in the terror and anticipation of my fall.  I knew I didn’t need to do this to myself, to terrorize myself again, but it was necessary for me to avoid being seen and possible causing a panic. 

Finally, only a few hundred feet from the ground, I flared my wings to their maximum extent.  The membranes bulged considerably as they caught the full force of the wind and I was jarred by dramatic deceleration that followed.  I used the remaining time I had to course-correct so that I’d land on the lawn in my backyard.  After a few forceful strokes to further slow my descent, I landed softly on the grass on all fours.

I stood up on two legs and shook my hands free of dirt.

Home, sweet home.

Origin: Chapter 2

Phew!  I never knew editing would be so tedious.

Anyways, here’s chapter 2, finished almost exactly 2 months after the first one.  Yeah, it took 2 months to write 1 chapter because I am dealing with college classes and homework, and I have to allocate time to practice for the golf team, AND I’m a slow writer anyways. :)

I would love some feedback on this chapter.  How did I do?  Was it better than the first chapter?  How’s my pacing, grammar, etc.?  Let me know how I could improve!

The music prompts should be self-explanatory.  If not, refer to the description of Chapter 1.

Here are the sources that I used for research: 

    ·   Gliders:…

    ·   Cumulonimbus clouds:…

    ·   Jet streams:…

    ·   Interesting infrared pics:…

    ·   What raw meat tastes like:…






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My pleasure!
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Hey, thanks for the fave! I really appreciate it!
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You're welcome!
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And another thanks for the Watch! It means a lot to me!
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No problem!
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